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Our Restaurant

The Meems’ kitchen is the hearth of our home-style establishment and the focus of our hospitality. The restaurant has seating for around 80 people. Whether you like to sit ‘at table’, under the shade of banana trees and flowering vines, or, on our exotic, Kashmiri-style lounge-platforms, there’s the perfect place in which to enjoy an amazing gastronomic treat. This year our specialty is the unique “WAZWAN” cuisine of Kashmir. A menu inspired by the Mughal kings of yore, featuring a variety of lamb preparations and some wonderful vegetarian, as well.

Many of our guests spend the better part of a day, right here in this laid-back setting of the Restaurant. Everything on our menu is made by us from local & as much as possible, organic products; including a variety of spices/herbs, veggies/fruits, some of which are even home-grown. We serve breakfast, from early morn, till late, then take a siesta,till we reopen for dinner around 5 pm.

Our signature is the home-made aspect of our menu: yogurt, cheese, muesli, soup-stocks; sprouts; juices…and even many of our condiments… mayo, mustard & several chutneys and pickles…all are made by us. We still serve fish/sea food, of course, which is carefully selected & prepared from the catch of the day, insuring the best possible quality. Also, we know never to overcook, or to over-season. We still serve a surprisingly fine beef steak & burger, plus our pasta dishes, as well as the new Wazwan menu. We guarantee that everything, from garnish salad to ice, is safe and a notch above your expectations. We are widely renowned for this and it is a source of pride for our entire Meems’ team. Please drop by for some great food & fun anytime!

We have been known to show feature-films at our Meems’ Restaurant, some of which have short films (documentary) trailers, some featuring environmental issues. We also have the odd live-music programs at the restaurant. Although these events take place, there is always a quiet corner for those who would rather just listen to the sea…That is a great deal why the Meems’ actually manages to cater to each & everyone’s needs…with a few exceptions, of course.
Our basic MO is to maintain a consistently high-standard, home-style quality, in our production, presentation and service. Basically, we aim to please and welcome all/any feedback & suggestions from our guests.

In an effort to be eco-friendly, we have installed state-of-the-art water-purifier/ filter/dispensers, so our guests can help us try to eradicate the plastic bottle problem. We 100% guarantee its safety/purity. Bottled water is available, but we encourage Green re-cycling policies.